There are some passages in Scripture that speak to what I call Holiness Flow. By this I mean the direction in which God's holiness flows in an event. There are some events that overwhelm or cancels out the holiness in a person while in other events the holiness we have transforms the events we encounter.

In Titus 1:15 Paul writes, "To the pure, all things are pure; but to those who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure, but both their mind and their conscience are defiled"

When Paul says, "To the pure, all things are pure", he is not saying that only pure things are pure, but all things are pure. But how is it possible for even the impure to be pure?

It has to do with Holiness Flow and the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

When those who are in Christ, and in the truth, are confronted with the impure, through Christ within them, they have the power to transform the impure into the pure. In some cases this is done by bringing a distinction between the pure and the impure so that the pure can be known and followed. Or in some cases it is done by transforming the event from that which is tumbling into chaos and into the impure into an event that is healing, whole and thus pure.

On the other had for those who do not have Christ, even when they are in the presence of the pure, it is impure. Why? Because their mind and conscience is defiled. In other words, without Christ and the truth they cannot even make a distinction between that which is pure and impure. When they fail to make a distinction between the pure and the impure, they defile the pure. And without the ability to make the distinction between the pure and the impure they cannot transform that part of an event that is impure, into the pure.

As such, they stand outside holiness. They stand outside Christ. They stand outside God.

While those who believe stand within Christ. They stand within holiness. They stand within God.

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