In II Timothy 2:25 the phrase "come to their senses" is the Greek term ἀνανήψωσιν. It literally means "to become sober" or "to recover sobriety".

The idea that Paul is conveying is that our sin has the same influence over us as does too much alcohol. It impairs our judgment. And our sin, just like alcohol, is in us. There is no way to get outside this influence except to cease drinking, or in this case to cease sinning.

This state is perpetuated by a persons ideology. A persons sins. Then they must justify this sin. To justify the sin they come up with an ideology. Although this ideology is a mere excuse and justification for their bad behavior and sin, to them this ideology seems true. Just like they cannot step outside the alcohol in their body, likewise they cannot step outside their ideology.

Just as a person can still function up to a point when they are under the influence, so it is when we are under the control of sin and their ideology of justification. And just as we will see the world differently when we become sober, so it is when we leave our sin and turn to God, we recover our sobriety. In this we enter God's truth, leave the old ideology behind and in this regain control over our life.


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