Jeremiah says that no one will remember the oracle of the Lord because it has been drowned out by every man's own word. So long have they listened to their own words that they no longer hear the oracle of the Lord. Each think their own words are now the oracle of the Lord.

So to this situation, where every man has his own oracle of the Lord, Jeremiah says the true oracle of the Lord is “You shall not say, ‘The oracle of the Lord’”. (Jeremiah 23:36-38)

This new oracle from the Lord creates the ultimate dilemma. Anyone who says “an oracle from the Lord” their words are false because the Lord’s oracle is “You shall not say, ‘The oracle of the Lord’”. If they do not say, “the oracle of the Lord”, then they have no oracle from the Lord and they are forced to sit in silence.

The oracle is the Word of the Lord. It is the presence of the Lord in their midst guiding them. Now, without the oracle of the Lord the Word of the Lord does not come into their presence by the active spoken word. Rather, the Lord’s presence is now only found in silence.

If the Lord never speaks, they have the Lord. If they say the Lord speaks, they do not have the Lord. This separates God from their day to day life where they speak.

As far as silence is from the spoken word so far is God from their current life.

In this silence they must listen to the echo of their own false oracles. In silence they are forced to leave their daily life. Only in silence may they touch God.

God is in the silence. In the silence God is their Lord.

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