"Every skilled person, in whom the Lord had put skill and understanding…shall perform all that the Lord has commanded. Everyone whose heart stirred him to come and perform the work…" (Exodus 36:2)

Even though each skilled person had received this skill from the Lord, before they did any work with these skills, their heart had to stir them to come and perform the work.

It is important to note that it does not say talent but skill. Talent is innate. It is who we are. While skill is not only talent but talent that has been honed and polished by hard work and discipline that produces understanding.

To give of our talents is to give to God exactly what He gave to us, no more. If we give God exactly what He gave to us, this is not really a gift at all. But to give of our skill is to give a new gift. For when we give of our skill we take the talent God gave us and through our discipline, practice, drill and hard work, we give back more than what was given to us. God gives us the talent and the ability to develop a skill, but only we can actually develop that skill through discipline and hard work.

The act of developing our skill is an act of faith in the God who gave us the talent to obtain the skill. It is an act of faith that the One who gave us the talent to develop the skill will also provide a place for us to use this skill. It is an act of faith that all the effort, time, sweat and tears we give to develop our skill will someday go towards something of value; something of worth.

It is the use of our skill that allows us to participate in the creative activity and presence of God. It is through the use of our skill that we most often and most fully commune with God. This is why our heart is stirred to do this work.

Our heart is stirred to do the work of skill because this is where and how we will commune with God. Here we find our home — we find God in the giving of our skills and the work these skills perform. There is a sense in which we are made complete as we give of our skill. This is why our works of skill provide us with our true inspiration.

So do faith this day. Believe in God this day. Develop your skill. Then use your skill. In this you will touch God in the use of your skills. Touch God when you develop this skill. Touch God when you use this skill. This is the most beautiful offering you will ever give to God.

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