As Hagar journeys through the desert she runs out of water. She places her son under a bush and then walks away so she does not have to watch him die. (Genesis 2:15-19)

By her actions it is obvious that Hagar’s faith in God’s protection went as far as the water in her canteen. The moment the water ran out, so did Hagar’s faith. So at this point she does the next logical step — she prepares for death. Her faith exhausted, this is the only future she can see.

But as she sits there in the desert God opens her eyes and she sees a well of water. Did this well just suddenly appear? No. It was there all the time but she could not see it. She can see the bush to lay her son under where he will die. She can see a place for her to sit down so she will not have to watch her son die. But she can not see the well that is present the entire time.

There are times in our lives when the water in our canteen runs out and with this our faith. At these moments we would argue with God that He is not present. But God is present. We do not see him because our faith is misplaced. With faith in the water in the canteen, when the water runs out, so does our faith. But this does not prove God is not present. It proves our faith was in the water and not in the Living God.

When we place our faith in the material our vision is limited to this material. When this material runs out so does our faith. And when faith runs out it will threaten to kill us and those around us.

May we have the vision to take our eyes off the water in the canteen, we hold in our hand, that is limited, so we can see the water in the well, beyond our grasp, that is unlimited. And may we not have faith in the water in our canteen, nor the water in the well. But may we have faith in the One True Living God who gives both the canteen and the well to his children.

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