"Seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you."
— Matthew 6:33

In the original the Greek term translated "seek" is ζητεῖτε and is an active imperative verb. This means it is a command that what we should be doing is "actively seeking" the kingdom. In addition, in the Greek the term translated "seek" is made even more emphatic because it is the first word in the sentence.

The "Kingdom" refers to the royal dominion including the power and form of the government. For us this is the sphere of God's rule through Christ in this world. Once this "Kingdom" is found, it so alters everything it touches, that everything else is then added/increased to and in it.

This process is superior to seeking power and wealth first and then attempting to enter the kingdom. In this process the power and wealth may not conform to the structures within the kingdom of God. As a result, all that was gained prior to the kingdom, may be lost, whereas the power and wealth gained after seeking the kingdom of God will continue in the kingdom of God.

Thus power and wealth are not an either/or, rather it is an and/both with the kingdom of God taking first priority, and then everything else added to this. Once we are living within the "Kingdom of God", all that is gained within the Kingdom of God remains permanent in some form, just as the Kingdom of God remains.

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