If a nation, that God has turned against, turns from its evil, God will also turn from the calamity He planned to bring upon it. (Jeremiah 18:8-10)

This act of grace and mercy by God, to turn and do good for a nation that turns from evil to good, has significant consequences. It implies the reverse situation is also possible — to the nation that turns from good and dose evil there must be an equal response from God — to turn from the good He had promised.

After stating this fact Jeremiah then speaks a prophecy of calamity on the inhabitants of Jerusalem. His prophecy is justified, not just because it comes from God and is His will. It is justified because God is responding to Jerusalem's actions. It is justified because it is the result of Jerusalem's own choosing. It is justified because there are nations that turned from evil to good and thus deserve good in return, so Jerusalem who turned from good to evil is deserving of this calamity.

The prophetic call to turn implies free will. The refusal to heed does not imply predestination.

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