This is a powerful image painted by John in chapter 20:14-17. Mary is looking for Jesus. She turns and sees a man standing next to her but does not recognize him as Jesus. After all how could it be Jesus, he is dead. She is looking for his body.

Like all of us Mary's vision is influenced by her expectations. She expects Jesus to be dead so she sees only what her mind will allow her to see – she sees the Gardner. This cannot be Jesus, after all he is dead.

Then Jesus, standing next to her, calls her name. It is then that Mary recognizes the one who was standing next to her the entire time as Jesus.

In life we are all Mary. We go through life looking for the right job, the right partner, the right place to live, the right school to attend. The list goes on and on. And all the time we are looking we miss what is right in front of us.

In faith, we are all Mary. We go through life looking for Jesus — How to serve him. How to get close to him. What to do to allow him to get close to us. How to worship him. And yet the whole time Jesus is standing in the midst of our lives, and yet we do not see him. All we see is the Gardner, the janitor, the homeless, the widow, the orphan, our neighbor, our coworker, etc.

Why do we miss Him? Because we are looking into the tomb of our lives and have certain expectations. These expectation limit what we see. But what if we could see all the potential? What if we could see what could be, rather than what is? What if we could see what is actually there?

Do you here Him calling? Do you hear Him calling your name? Do you see Him? Do you see Him standing next to you? Or are you looking into the tomb of your life? Are you looking for the dead among the living or the living among the dead?

John 20:14-17

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