A few minutes ago a simple event brought tears to my eyes. In the grand scheme of things it was nothing exceptional – it was not a wedding, birth, death, call from a long lost friend.

I was listening to KCMO TV 5 in Kansas City when the weekly editorial came on. It was nothing special. Last week the station had come out against state support for students attending private universities due to the cost it would add to the states budget.

This week it was a rebuttal by a university professor. His point was this; although the state was spending funds for some students to attend private institutions it was only a small percentage of their total cost. This was then supplemented by the private schools scholarships and assistance from the alumni at these private institutions. Without the state assistance these students would not be able to afford the cost to attend these private universities and would then attend the public universities.

So why not pay for these students to attend the public universities instead.

First, the public universities did not have the facilities to accommodate them. Second, it would be much more expensive. Why? Because these students would then loose the financial support of the scholarships and alumni at the private institutions. The difference would mean it would actually cost the state more to make up the difference to send these students to a public university.

The reason this brought tears to my eyes is it was the owners of the station who gave the first editorial. Then they gave up air time to an opposing view. I was able to hear both sides and then make an informed decision as to which position I would support.

Because I am for all of our government institutions living within their means with a balanced budget, when I heard the stations editorial I was for cutting the funding. But when I heard the rebuttal I realized I had only part of the information. The second editorial gave me information that allowed me to change my mind.

The tears came not because of the station or the professor but for our Founding Fathers who believed and sacrificed for free speech. Tonight I was blessed because of their vision and courage. Thank you Founding Fathers, and Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Children and Families who paid the price long ago, and still today, that I might hear both sides of an issue and exercise my right to make an informed decision.

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