The Major League Baseball Manager Leo Durocher could develop a better response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico than President Obama.

Why would I say that?

Even though there are oil skimmers in other parts of the country, the Obama Administration, rather than moving these existing oil skimmers to the Gulf of Mexico to attack the BP oil spill, they are building new oil skimmers. It takes over two weeks to build an oil skimmer. During those two weeks there is no oil being skimmed.

Why would they not use the existing oil skimmers?

They have stated they don't want to move the existing oil skimmers from other locations just in case there is an oil leak in one of these other locations.

This logic reminds me of what Leo Durocher use to say,

"You don't save a pitcher for tomorrow, tomorrow it may rain."

The same applies to a successful oil spill cleanup strategy.

"You don't save an oil skimmer for tomorrow's potential leak, because tomorrow's leak may never come."

Where is Leo Durocher when we need him?

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