During my days as a Director of Information Technology in the Corporate world I was sitting in the lunch room reading my Greek New Testament. A fellow associate asked what I was reading. When I informed her that it was the Greek New Testament, she responded, "I only read the truly inspired Bible, the King James Version".

When I attempted to explain to her that the Greek I was reading was the original text that even the translators of the King James Version used when they did their translation, her response was, "Only the King James Version is inspired." 

Of course I immediately thought of the passage in II Timothy 3:16 which says, "Every scripture inspired of God is also profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for instruction which is in righteousness."

Note that it does not say "translation" it says "scripture".

Some insist that we must use a certain translation of the Bible to know the truth. This is the case even when this translation is difficult to understand.

For example there are over 250 terms used in the King James Version that no longer have the same meaning today that they did at that time of the translation. In fact in some cases the meaning is the exact opposite. This makes it cumbersome to understand. In some cases the translation is so difficult and laborious for the modern reader that they choose not to read Scripture at all if they have to read a version that speaks in 17th Century English. And who can blame them.

So when someone insists that this or that translation must be used they have placed the translation above Scripture itself. And why have they done this? Only because they are comfortable with that translation. This is to place my "personal preference" above the eternal life of others. This is probably one of the most selfish acts one can participate in.

It is true that at the time the King James was translated it was in many respects a work of God in how it conveyed the truth of Scripture. And it is true that for hundreds of years it did the work of God. But let's be clear; it was not the translation that did the work, it was Scripture that did the work. The translation was simply a tool to convey the truth of Scripture to those generations.

Thus, regardless of the beauty of the translation, if it no longer has an effect, then the translation is not doing its job which is to convey the truth of Scripture to the current generation. In this case we should acknowledge the value of the King James Version for its time. But we should now seek new ways to convey the truth of Scripture to the current generation.

In fact this is done on a daily basis through out the world in other languages. We translate scripture into evey language on earth, people read it, and come to the truth and become believers in Christ. And yet these translations are not the King James Version. So it is not the translation, it is Scripture that is effective.

After all it does not say,"All translations are inspired…" It says, "All Scripture is inspired…" So it's not about the translation, its about Scripture. It is not about bringing a certain translation to the current generation. It's about bringing the truth of Scripture to the current generation. And this should be done by whatever translation can best accomplish this result. Only then have we truly said yes to the Great Command "to go to all nations…". It is this that we as believers have been charged with – "To go into all the earth…" not just the earth that understands the King James Version!

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