Administrators at the California Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California sent five students home on Wednesday May 5, 2010 after they refused to remove their American flag T-shirts and bandannas — garments the school officials deemed "incendiary" on Cinco de Mayo.

A Mexican American student said, "It's disrespectful for them to do that on our day. We don't go around on the 4th of July wearing Mexican flags saying Viva Le Mexico."

What this Mexican American student does not understand is she is in America, not Mexico. So wearing an American flag in America is completely different than wearing a Mexican flag in America. The fact that she does not understand this difference is a clear indication that the California School Discricts have again failed the students.

But that should not be surprising in light of the reasoning put forth by Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez.

As one of these students who wore the American flag said in an interview, we were told by the principal, "It was suspose to be a Mexican day so we were supose to honor them by taking off our American flags."

First, it's not a Mexican Day, its a Mexican celebration in America. So rather than confront the students wearing the American flags the Assistant Prrincipal should have used this as a teaching moment for the Mexican American Students.

After all, if it offends you when an American, wears the American flag, in their own country, it is clear that the American, and the American flag are not the offenders, you, that are offended are the offender. It is not the American who has the problem, you have the problem. And the American is not the problem, you are the problem.

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