Christians who choose not to read certain portions or entire books of the Bible, remind me of some of my players that come to me for a pitching or hitting lesson.

These players pay and take a lesson from me not because they know how to hit or pitch, but because they have failed and need someone to guide them.

And why have they failed? Because they have reached a point in their journey where there is a disconnect in their intuitive approach.

In any journey, especially a spiritual journey, there will be portions of that journey that we can choose to follow simply because they make sense or are intuitive. But there are times in any journey when the correct choice is counter intuitive. The key to success is to identify these counter intuitive moments and then apply the correct process.

For example, a pitcher may have three flaws in her pitching motion. The adjustment to correct two of them makes sense to her so she makes the adjustments and improves. But the third adjustment does not make sense to her. If she follows her sense of what is right she will continue to fail. However, if she follows my advice (her mentor who has been to the mountain top that she has never been to but wants to ascend) and she does this even when it goes against everything that makes sense to her, she will have a break through and will become a better pitcher.

The same is true of Scripture. There are portions that will speak to us directly as if it was written just for us. It is intuitive. And then there are portions (and for many these are in the OT and Paul) that we all struggle to connect to our lifes. As a result, since we do not see the immediate benefit, just like one of my pitchers, we opt to follow our intuition so we say, “These do not apply.”

Scripture, God Breathed with His Spirit, is our Spiritual mentor that has been to the mountain top we seek to ascend, eternal life. To say this or that portion of Scripture does not make sense so I will not partake is really to choose to guide ourselves rather than allow God through His Spirit in Scripture to guide us.

As I tell my pitchers, “So you don’t like that drill? That’s because it’s a good drill. It is correcting a flaw in your technique. That’s why you don’t like it. If it were easy it would be reinforcing your bad technique. It’s hard because it is correcting your bad technique. If you choose, not to do, what you do not like to do, you will be the same pitcher a year from now that you are today.”

To choose to read only the books of the Bible we like and agree with, is to choose to be the same, spiritually, as a person a year from now. In Christ, we are called to be more than this.

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