In John 9:2 the disciples ask a theological question common for that day. "Who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind."

During the time of Christ imperfections in the world were believed to be caused by sin. Since this man was born blind there were two schools of thought. His parents had sinned to cause his blindness or he had sinned – a form of reincarnation.

Christ's response, when read in the original Greek, does not support or imply that God caused the man to be born blind so He, God, could show His power and goodness by giving him his sight. Rather, Christ intent in his response is to move the disciples focus from the past – what caused this man's condition – to a focus on the future and new possibilities that are available when God comes into an event and a person's life.

We are the disciples. We do the same thing. We look for the cause of a situation thinking the answer will solve the problem. But the answer to "why" will not reverse the condition.

Even if Christ gave the disciples the true cause of this man's condition, this truth will not give the blind man his sight. The only thing that will help him, regardless of the reason for his current condition, is for God to act in his life. This is why the future trumps the why's of the past.

We all look to the past asking "why" hoping to gain some truth as to how we arrived at our current state. But even if we should find the answer to our "why", it will not necessarily change things. We, like the man born blind from birth, regardless of our past, need a new future – the future God intends for us. The new future God has for us is never found looking behind us into the past. We find our new future and life when we turn to God who is the author and creator of our life.

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