Emails from the Trump Network's Marketer's Advisory Board & The Executive Diamond Group:

We recently received correspondence from those within and working on behalf of the Trump Network attempting to take advantage of those in Arbonne as the Arbonne Restructuring through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy continues.

As is our policy at, we believe the best remedy for inappropriate policies is to expose them to public scrutiny. So here are the facts.

The following are the most important portions of the correspondence.

"I know you have had much success with Arbonne, and to be frank with you, the company (meaning the owners and Mr. Trump himself) are looking for people just like yourself…
To put it plainly, we are looking for entrepeneurs with previous MLM experience that have significant downlines."

This person then attaches correspondence from his upline training team in Trump Network and the Tump Network Advisory Group.

"> Who do you know? Who could make a major impact on this company? Who has a huge organization in another company? Who is a person of significant influence?

> Your MAB and the EDG"

DSA (Direct Selling Association) Ethical Guidelines on Proselyting:
For the full information go to:

"It is considered to be an improper practice when Company A, or its representatives, specifically and consciously targets the sales force of Company B with the intent of persuading Company B’s salespersons or employees not only to sell or work for Company A, but also to cease selling or working for Company B, thereby interfering with Company B’s business or contractual relations…it does apply to situations involving more than several persons, where the pattern, approach and timing of Company A would clearly indicate an intention to adversely impact on Company B. If Company B sends correspondence to Company A regarding alleged proselyting activity, Company A is expected to appropriately respond within 30 days after receipt of the correspondence."

How the Trump Network Violates DSA Proselyting Guidelines:

  1. They are contacting someone with success in Arbonne
  2. Those in other companies with significant downlines or huge organizations in another company
  3. The timing adversely impacts Arbonne as it is Restructuring through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Trump Network Not Part of the DSA (Direct Selling Association):

The best way to resolve this is to file a complaint with the DSA. However, when we checked the DSA Member website, Trump Network is not a member of the DSA. Go figure!

This is not surprising as the above Trump Network business strategies fall outside the DSA Code of Ethics and the DSA Guidelines against Proselyting.

Perhaps this is what Donald Trump means when he says the Trump Network will change the face of network marketing!

Who is EDG and MAB in the Trump Network?:

  • EDG stands for "The Executive Diamond Group" of the Trump Network
  • MAB stands for "The Marketer Advisory Board" of the Trump Network.
    The following definition is taken from a Trump Network web site.

    [Note: The MAB is a functional board that consistently brings ideas and strategies to the Company executive officers and management. In essence, they act on your behalf to ensure that the Company understands the needs, wants, and desires of all the Company Independent Marketers.]
    (taken from "Pre-Launch of the Trump Network"

So what this means is this is not an isolated case. Although an individual might not know that proselyting a person in another netowrk marketing company with a significant downline is unethical, the Marketer's Advisory Board for Trump Network should. After all, the person that sent us the email appears to just be following the policies as recommended by the MAB and EDG.

The first email came from the MAB, the Marketer Advisory Board for Trump Network and from the EDG, the Executive Diamond Network and they said in their email:

"Who has a huge organization in another company…"

This was then picked up by the a member of the Executive Diamond Group of the Trump Network who said:

"To put it plainly, we are looking for entrepeneurs with previous MLM experience that have significant downlines."

To be blunt, rather than build their own network of consumers, their strategy is to steal them from other network marketing companies. A strategy that is contrary to the DSA's Code of Ethics and the DSA Proselyting Guidelines.

Trump Network Links Provided in the Correspondence:


The above is very straight forward. No network marketing company, or group of persons within the company should attempt to get person(s) from another network marketing company to jump to the other company.

So what does all this mean? When it comes to Network Marketing, Donald Trump, You're fired"!

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