"The content of your post was disparaging."

This is interesting feedback since the post included only facts about the subject. So what the respondent was really saying is the facts about the situation were disparaging.

To dig this one out of the weeds we will need to go to the facts — the definition.


Etymology: Middle English, to degrade by marriage below one's class, disparage, from Anglo-French desparager to marry below one's class, from des- dis- + parage equality, lineage, from per peer

Date: 14th century

In light of the definition, what they were really saying is the facts were like a marriage to someone from a lower class. Or more precisely, the facts of the case were below them. Interesting!

It is a fact, that the facts can only be below a person or company when that person or company tends to over promise and under deliver and through this they create a false image. When this happens, the facts of the under deliver run head long into the false image created by the over promise.

In these cases the facts remove the false image and slams them back to reality. But since they are in an imaginary image of their creation that is above the facts, they cannot be at fault, it must be the facts. So the facts are now disparaging because the facts bring them back to reality, and reality is below them.

When a company complains that "the post about us was disparaging" but the post only included verifiable facts this says more about the company than the facts. In fact, rather than the company being disparaged by the facts, perhaps the facts were disparaged by being associated with the company.

On the other hand, when one under promises and over delivers the facts are never "disparaging"! Such a simple solution to disparagement by the facts!

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