VoiceWind.net Guiding Principle:

Our guiding principle at VoiceWind.net is to post only information that is true and factual and thus "informs the mind and the heart". Posts insulated from this principle are just noise and are not permitted.

This policy has been ahered to on all posts on the subject of Arbonne Restructuring through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

The following is taken from Steven Iwersen's book "Chasing Porcupines".

The Principle of the Broom:

"Every person has the right to receive direction and meaningful information that helps inform their decisions."
— Steven Iwersen, NSA from his book "Chasing Porcupines"

The Broom of Champions – Guidance:

1) Information: People need information. They need it in order to make decisions. They need it to inform their minds and their hearts with objective data that will shape their perspective. Information provides a starting point for reasonable dialogue; the lack of information starts the downward spiral of assumptions, rumor, misunderstanding and suspicion.
— Steven Iwersen, NSA from his book "Chasing Porcupines"

John Maxwell, who has spoken at Arbonne NTC says:

"People will be down on, what they are not up on."

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