In a recent online conversation on whether one should tithe and whether it should be on the net or the gross pay Jennifer commented.

"I understanding all comments above and both arguments have good sides. However, if self employed , how do you tithe especially I know is a no no – but if not yet on regular personal income as owner. You depend on "if money" or "when ever" money comes in scenario to pay for personal bills. Honestly I battle with this because I live a hand to mouth lifestyle. Most times when money comes in I am completely broke and buried under a mountain of bills (personal and business). I feel more obliged to pay my bills as a matter of urgency. Then i end up on a guilty trip if left with no "Tithe'."

In response I mentioned that "even this author (me), to one extent or another, stands outside the full share of what God has for us in Christ."

I also struggle with the tithe as well. My wife and I are both self employed and have seen a decline in income recently. However, my point is although we can argue to remove the requirement of the tithe and find some pshycological comfort, this is not the Spiritual reality, as a result we will find no lasting peace in this approach.

Rather, what we need to do is accept the requirement of the tithe and our inability to live up to it. Then we can ask God to guide us to a point in our spiritual life, personal life and business life so that we can make the changes to move to a point where we can tithe and thus share in this blessing.

Jennifer, the fact that you feel the pull means you are sensitive to the leading of the Spirit. And the Spirit would not have this impact if there was not also a way to achieve the goal.

Our prayers are with you. Prepare for His activity to allow you to reach resolution and peace.

In Christ.

Greg Loveless

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One Response to Freedom in Christ Does Not Equal Freedom from the Tithe

  1. russkellyphd says:

    So called Christian tithing is a con and a scam. The Church does not obey any of the tithing requirements found in the tithing statute of Numbers 18. Especially–they do not forfeit property ownership and do not kill anybody else attempting to enter the sanctuary.

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