With Arbonne's public announcement of the Restructuring through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy procedures, there have been many Consultant's contacting us as to what this means for the company and the Consultants.

My wife, ENVP Linda Loveless, has notified her team about the Arbonne Restructuring throughs Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Since this process was initiated, Arbonne Corporate has been very timely and efficient in communicating the facts to the VPs.

My intent is to post information on this web site as it comes available. We will also address any miss information that is brought to our attention as well.

For all the post on the Arbonne Restructuring & Bankruptcy click here on the Arbonne Bankruptcy Category.

The links below provide the official information as of Friday, January 29th, 2010.

  1. Arbonne Restructuring - Interview of Kay Napier, CEO of Arbonne
  2. Letter to Our Valued Customers Regarding Arbonne Restructuring & Bankruptcy:
  3. Frequently Asked Questions about the Arbonne Restructuring & Bankruptcy
  4. Press Release Regarding Arbonne Restructuring & Bankruptcy:
  5. Court Filings and Claims Information Regarding Arbonne Restructuring and Bankruptcy
  6. Arbonne Blog & Consultant Comments on Arbonne Restructuring and Bankruptcy:
  7. SEC Information about Chapter 11 Bankruptcy:
  8. US Courts Information About Chapter 11 Bankruptcy:

As more information comes available, we will post it.

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