There is a “poverty mentality” in many churches and to defend this many point to the warnings of riches as proof that wealth is a sign a person is less than righteous.

For some, not pursuing wealth, which then results in the lack of wealth, which then results in less to tithe, or nothing at all to tithe, is some how more spiritual than being diligent (Scriptural), being successful (Scriptural) which creates more wealth which results in a larger tithe. But rather than being diligent and working hard some rationalize their failure by hiding behind the false theology of the “poverty mentality” as proof they are the righteous.

This corrupt thought is then extended to church staff. Since “spiritual” has been confused with “lack of wealth” as a defense mechanism to justify not pursuing greatness, staff, to be righteous, must likewise lack wealth.

In many churches this is a vicious downward cycle that begins to kill ministry.

Having served in the ministry and then to have the opportunity to own my own business there is a definite advantage to the later. Since I own my business I can run it as a choose which means it becomes a ministry. On top of that the freedom my business provides frees up time and funds to do ministries beyond my business proper. And the best part, no committee meetings that say “No”.

I believe God has equipped saints for the work but the poverty mentality in the church has lowered the bar which has decreased the funds available to pay for staff, the very staff that God equipped for this task.

It is a worn out phrase that if there are no positions available, and the church does not “call” that perhaps one is not called. Actually, those who have felt the call are not mistaken about that call. Rather, it is the church’s false theology on wealth that has robbed it of the blessing God has for it in those who He calls. When the church lacks vision, it cuts itself off from those God has given to serve in His church. The penalty is this; God opens another way, usually outside the church, for those called to minister to use the gifts He freely gave.

The idea that if one feels they have been called, but are not called, that they are mistaken about that call, does not hold to logical proof. One could feel the call, and yet not be called by a church not because they lack the call, but because the church has failed to call.

The call does not reside in the church the call resides in He who created the called with the gifts to do the call.

So it is not just the called who could be mistaken, but the church who has not the vision to call.

In some denominations this is further camouflaged by the notion “there is no call until a church calls you”. In this false logic the church is free to hide in the thought they determine the call. So if they do not call they falsely believe there is no call. This allows them to believe they are still righteous. But this is voided by the fact that God is the one who calls. So if they do not call, they have not determined whether or not there is a call, but rather they chosen to reside in their own failure.

So if you feel, think, believe, know you are called and the church does not call it could be that you are not called but it is much more likely that you are called but the church has not called because it lacks vision.

In this case the call still exists so God will open another way for the gifts He gave to be used. In this the call is confirmed and the church is sentenced to be without this ministry all due to a lack of vision — a true poverty.

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