Perhaps more perfunctory than curious is the concept that there is a dress code that must be followed in order to be an Arbonne Consultant or a successful Arbonne Consultant.

It is a proven fact that success in Arbonne is determined by a Consultant’s activity and how proficient they are at doing business building activity.

I have seen Arbonne Consultants do the business in a formal dress, a cocktail dress, a business suit, professional slacks, “jeans and a cute top” (as one ENVP is fond of saying), everyday slacks, a holiday sweater, sweat pants and swim suite. I even know an ENVP who recruited someone by stalking them into the restroom. To avoid TMI I did not pursue this comment further. Neither did I query as to how this unfolded (pun intended so to speak). But one can only wonder as to the nature of dress or dresslessness at the moment the Arbonne Story was shared across commodes.

The lesson learned from this is,  success in Arbonne does not come by form but by function. A mandatory dress code no more brings success than the tassels upon the robe of a Pharisee opens the door to heaven.

So although a professional dress may be of benefit, it is in no way mandatory. Regardless of the attempt by some to impose a specific style of their preference upon their underlings, this is not proven to be the key to success. It is peripheral at best. While they point to this dress as the key to success, there are those dressed so, who find not success. This fact joined in measured thought draws one to the conclusion that the key to success is other than the mandatory dress code.

Conclusion: While all the Successful dress, not all who dress are successful. Thus a mandatory dress code does not necessarily bring success in Arbonne. So not only is there no such thing as a Mandatory Arbonne Dress Code. This adhered to does not guarantee success. This makes the Mandatory Dress Code an Arbonne Urban Myth.

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