Here is a curious one. A mandatory Arbonne Meeting! I would ask, “Is there such an animal” but Arbonne doesn’t use animal products or by products and they don’t test on animals. So instead let me ask “Is there such a thing as a mandatory meeting in Arbonne?”

When you sign on the dotted line to do Arbonne, the contractual agreement is between you, as an Independent Consultant, and Arbonne, not between you and your sponsor or you and your upline. The Arbonne Consultant Agreement states that you are an “Independent Consultant” which means, as they say in the Arbonne Opportunity Meetings “You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself”.

If you sign up to do Arbonne you are most likely an entrepreneur and a self starter. This means you want to be successful which means you will have the inner desire to want to show up to as many trainings and events as possible to stay motivated and to become skilled at doing your Arbonne Business. A demand like this assumes you do not have the self initiative to succeed so they are forcing you to attend. This actually takes the initiative away from you as they become the initiator and consquently they believe they are in control.

If someone tells you “there is a mandatory meeting” that you have to attend in order to do Arbonne or continue to do Arbonne, there is something wrong somewhere. Just know you do not have to attend. In fact, the idea that you would be required to attend a meeting would mean they are treating you more as an employee than an Independent Consultant. To be blunt it is actually somewhat offensive that they would even think they have that kind of power and control over someone. This is definitely not the Arbonne Spirit.

One of the benefits of owning your own Arbonne business is you have the freedom to do the business as you choose, when you choose. If someone else is forcing you to attend meetings they are now in control of your schedule. They have no right to take this benefit from you.

So what should you do? It is up to you, but if they say they will only work with you if you attend mandatory meetings I would probably look for another sponsor. After all if someone would over reach in this particular area, it is very likely this will not be the only area where they believe they have the right to control you. So claim your INDEPENDENCE as an Arbonne Independent Consultant.

Conclusion: So there is no such thing as a “Mandatory Arbonne Meeting” which makes this an Arbonne Urban Myth.

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