The Glossary of Arbonne Terms is a collection of terms used by Arbonne Consultants in the field or terms that are part of the communications from Arbonne  Corporate.

Activity: The process of sharing the Arbonne products and/or business with another person. This process is initiated in a in person conversation or more often by a phone call. This process of activity continues with a One-on-One or a Group Presentation where the product line and business opportunity are presented.

Area Manager or AM: AM is the second management level in Arbonne. To qualify as an AM a Consultant must maintain $8,000 in retail volume in their Area each month. The AM level has a very powerful additional feature. When a Consultant is at Area Manager or above, their business is Will-able. This is powerful peace of mind and is just one of the many features in Arbonne and the Arbonne Compensation Plan that set Arbonne the company apart from it's competitors.

Botanical Glossary: The Botanical Glossary is a listing of the ingredients use in Arbonne products. This list includes herbal and botanical extracts, oils, fragrances and vitamins. Click here to view the Arbonne Botanical Glossary.

Business Building System: Any of a number of methods used to build an Arbonne business. Examples would be One-on-One's, Group Presentations also called Parties.

Client: The term Client in Arbonne has several different meanings. (Also see Retail Client)

  1. Some use the term "Client" only to refer to those who are not a Consultant or Preferred Client and who then purchase the product at full retail.
  2. It is also used to refer to anyone who uses the product whether this be a Consultant, Preferred Client or Client.

Consultant: A Consultant is a person who has signed up to do the Arbonne Business. There are two ways to become a Consultant:

  1. Pay the sign up fee of $109 (US) and then maintain minimal levels of sales volume and sponsoring in order to maintain this status.
  2. Meet certain requirements in sales volume and sponsoring to move from Preferred Client to Consultant.

Debt Free Company: A statement often used by Arbonne Consultants during presentations and in correspondence is "Arbonne is a debt free company". This comment originates during the time when Peter Mørck owned the company and during much of his tenure with the company it was in fact true. But it is no longer true. Harvest Partners took over Arbonne several years ago during the time period when Arbonne was averaging 100% growth each year. They were instrumental in supporting the Results Approach which caused sales to balloon past the average 100% per year to 164%. But due to weaknesses in the Results Approach there was a corresponding retraction. This retraction was so sever and rapid; and Harvest Partners, not familiar with network marketing, attempeted to implement corporate strategies in the field that compounded the situation; and in addition it appears Harvest Partners siphoned off so much capital from Arbonne assuming this growth would continue; that they could not recover. As a result, Arbonne is no longer debt free. 

Direct Upline: When a Consultant signs up with Arbonne their sponsor is their "Direct Upline."

District Manager or DM: DM is the first management level in Arbonne. To qualify as a DM a Consultant must maintain $2,500 in retail volume in their District each month.

Downline: Anyone a Consultant directly sponsors into Arbonne this would be part of their Downline. And anyone that is sponsored by anyone in a Consultant Downline also is part of this Consultant's Downline. Although Downline is used it is more commonly referred to as Successline as this is a more positive term.

Dr. Charles King: Dr. Charles King received his doctorate in business administration from Harvard and is currently a professor of marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is involved in extensive, ongoing research on network marketing and distributor operations. Dr. Charles King is referenced as the third party expert in the Arbonne Opportunity Presentation to provide credibility to the presentation. He lives in Wheaton, Illinois. Books & CD's by Dr. Charles King:

  • "The New Professionals – The Rise of Network Marketing As the Next Major Profession"
  • "Brilliant Compensation" 5 CD Pack

Group Presentation: A business building system used by many network marketing companies. In Arbonne this is usually done through a person known as "the hostess". This person host the presentation in their home. The advantage of the Group Presentation is it increases the quantity of person a Consultant is presenting the Arbonne products to.

National Vice President – NVP: The fourth management level in Arbonne after District, Area and Region. A Consultant must maintain a monthly volume of $160,000 in her entire Nation to be a National Vice President. There are numerous benefits at the NVP level.

  • $1,000 car allowance
  • NVP trip to Hawaii each year. Arbonne pays for the Consultant and the Spouse. Airfare and lodging are covered for both.
  • Life Insurance
  • Business is Will-able

One-on-One Presentation: A business building system in Arbonne that is done one person at a time. This may take on many forms from a Consultant who meets a person in a public location like Starbucks, to a by appointment only business where the products are shared with a client while other activities are taking place. An example would be a hair stylist who shares Arbonne with a client as they style their hair. One-on-One should not be confused with the Results Approach which is one of many One-on-One systems.

Preferred Client: Beginning January of 2009 Arbonne added a new designation called Preferred Client. When a person signs up as a Preferred Client for $29 (US) they receive a 20% discount on all products for a year. At the end of one year they may renew $15 to maintain their Preferred Client status for another year. Preferred Clients also eligible for special offers.

Presentation: Any activity where the Arbonne story, product and/or business opportunity are presented to one or more persons.

Regional Vice President – RVP: The third management level in Arbonne after District and Area. A Consultant must maintain a monthly volume of $36,000 in her entire Region to be a Regional Vice President. It is at the Region Level that a Consultant may receive $800 a month to go towards a white Mercedes-Benz. Criteria to receive the car are

  1. $36,000 in retail volume in the Consultant Region
  2. Proof of lease or purchase of a new or used white Mercedes-Benz of any model.

Once Arbonne has proof of purchase or lease the Consultant receives an $800 car bonus each month as long as they maintain the minimum retail volume of $36,000.

Results Approach: A business building system in Arbonne that is done one person at a time. The difference between the Results Approach and a One-on-One is the traditional Results Approach uses a full size set of RE9. The product is dropped off in the gold bag with instructions as to how to use the product. After a few days use the Consultant returns to pick up the product and interviews the client as to the effectiveness of the product.

Other Terms Used for Arbonne Results Approach:

  • Arbonne United States:

    • Arbonne Results
    • Arbonne Results Approach
    • Arbonne Full Set Drop Off
    • Arbonne Puppy Dog
  • Arbonne Australia:

    • Arbonne Gold Bag
    • Arbonne Gold Bag Drop
    • Arbonne Gold Bag Drop Off

Results Kit: Usually a set of RE9 that is placed in an Arbonne Gold Bag. Result Kits are dropped off to prospective clients so they can use the product. This method was introduced to Arbonne by Andy Inman. He originally called it the "Puppy Dog" System. The RE9 was like a puppy dog that you fall in love with and don't want to give up. Arbonne subsequently changed the name to Results Approach as the term "Puppy Dog" was confusing to some people in light of Arbonne guarantee that they do not test on animals and they do not use animal products or by-products in the formulation.

Retail Client: This refers to anyone who purchases the product at full retail. This would not include Consultants or Preferred Clients. (Also see Client)

RSVP – Right Start Value Pack: RSVP is the abbreviation for the Right Start Value Pack. This is a half price offer available in a Consultant's start month and the following month. A Consultant is also eligible for a RSVP in their renewal month. Consultant's who sell an RSVP receive a $50 to $75 bonus.

Sponsor: The Consultant that sponsored you into Arbonne. The Consultant you are directly signed up under.

Successline: Anyone a Consultant directly sponsors into Arbonne this would be part of their Successline. And anyone that is sponsored by anyone in a Consultant Successline also is part of this Consultant's Successline. The term Downline is also sometimes used.

System of Success: A process or method that has been battle tested in the real world and has been proven to be successful. The measure of this success is determined by how many use it to become successful, how successful they become and whether they can maintain this success over an extended period of time. A true Sy;stem of Success is also one that is duplicatible. This means it is not dependent upon a specialized skill set but can be used by the average person and with success.

Upline: When a Consultant signs up with Arbonne their sponsor is their "Direct Upline." Their Direct Upline and all those above them would be considered a Consultant's Upline.

WebStats: WebStats is an online web tool available to Consultants (Business Builders) which allows them to track sales and sponsoring. It also provides a Consultant with Contact information on all Consultants, Preferred Clients and Retail Clients in their network. WebStats is made available to all Consultants at no additional charge.

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