They say if you repeat any idea long enough, people will think it is true whether it is or not.

There are many urban myths about Arbonne but the one that is the most curious is this:

The introduction of the Results Approach in 2005 was the catalyst that propelled the company to its unprecedented growth and the field to unprecedented promotion levels from 2005 to 2007.

As a Coach and Trainer of Premeire Elite Athletes, I never base my strategy on anecdotal evidence. I always know the numbers. So what do the numbers say about the impact of the Results Approach on Arbonne's growth over the last seven or more years? Only by doing this can we determine if the above statement is true or another Arbonne Urban Myth.

First, to help clarify, we need a timeline.

  1. April 2003: Arbonne releases RE9 at NTC
  2. April 2004: According to Eye-On-Arbonne stories the Originator of the Results Approach System (known as ORAS) made a decision, at NTC 2004, to start building using the "Puppy Dog" or Results Approach.
  3. August 2004: ORAS hits RVP
  4. March 2005: ORAS hits NVP

Now lets look at the history of Arbonne's growth before, during and after this time frame.

  1. 2001 – 13.5%
  2. 2002 – 70.6%
  3. 2003 – 111.8
  4. 2004 – 98.2%
  5. 2005 – 164%
  6. 2006 – 88.3

Here is what the stats reveal. Long before the Results Approach hit the streets Arbonne was enjoying record breaking growth. In 2002 it was 70.6% growth. In 2003 it was 111.8% growth. And although the Results Approach was being used by ORAS in 2004, it was not a company wide system until late in  2005. So even the growth of 98.2% in 2004 cannot be attributed to the Results Approach. This is nearly 100% average growth each year for three years before the Results Approach was widely used in Arbonne.

Even the 164% growth in 2005 cannot be attributed totally to the Results Approach. Since the other business building systems that were used prior to the Results Approach were yeilding approximately 100% growth each year for three years, it is logical to conclude that at least 100% of the 164% was the result of business building systems other than the Results Approach.

And what happen in 2006 after the Results Approach had some time to cycle through? Arbonne had a sudden drop from 164% back to 88.3% growth. If the Results Approach was really the cause of Arbonne's unprecedented growth, then as it continued to be accepted and utilized by a larger percentage of the Consultants, Arbonne should have experienced a corresponding increase in growth. But Arbonne did not. Why? It has to do with "The Balloon Effect" and the "Mathematics of Weakness".

Our conclusion: The statement "The Results Approach was the cause of Arbonne's unprecedented growth" is not true but is an Arbonne Urban Myth!

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