In light of the previous post Arbonne Results Approach is Fast Track Because of the Failure Volume it is obvious that the increase in volume in a Results Approach Network, as compared to the volume in a Group Presentation Network, comes from the volume in the large upfront orders because the upline gets paid on this volume whether or not those in her downline can move the Results Kits and convert that volume from potential to actual consumable volume. And because there is a 50% to 80 % failure rate, a large portion of this additional volume in the Results Approach Network comes from the failure in the system.

Large Upfront Orders Make the Arbonne Results Approach Unethical:

In light of this everyone has to ask themselves this question. Do I want to build an Arbonne business with a system that will produce more revenue, when all or most of this additional revenue is generated by the failure in the system?

This is not an incidental consequence. These facts change everything. When data indicates that the additional revenue is generated by the failure in the system, a decision to use the Results Approach System as opposed to any other system ceases to be a business strategy decision. Rather, it is now an ethical decision and, in light of this data there is really only one correct answer. The data we have uncovered would indicates that there is an ethical way to build an Arbonne business using the Results Approach, but a Results Approach System which includes large upfront orders is not included in this ethic.

If you disagree, before you respond remember what John C. Maxwell says about ethics.

“There is no such thing as business ethics. Just ethics! Those who use one ethic for family, another ethic for their spiritual life and another ethic for business will always get into trouble. There are not different types of ethics. There is just ethics.”

Ethical Use of the Results Approach:

I mentioned at the beginning of this article that Linda has Consultants in her organization who do the Results Approach and are successful. If what I have just laid out is true, how can that be and why would Linda allow it; how could she ethically allow it? It has to do with balance and quantity. Those Consultants in Linda’s network who are building a successful business and use the Results Approach use it as a supplemental to the Group or One-on-One Presentations. If someone cannot get to the presentation then a Results drop off is used or they do the Results with certain people. This causes two main differences:

  1. They are not building their network with large up front orders so there is no false volume in the network.
  2. They are creating a network of consumers and the Results Approach is just another method to accomplish that.

This is why the Consultants in Linda’s network who are using the Results Approach are successful. Most use it as a supplemental to the Groups Presentation System. As a Result, the percentage of Potential Consumable Volume in their network is minimal or zero and as a result they have taken the risk of the “Potential Consumable Volume”, the “Pyramid Tipping Point” and the “Mathematics of Weakness” out of their networks all by eliminating large upfront orders. In so doing they have also altered the ethic.

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