Using the Results Approach to build an Arbonne Business, and doing this with large upfront orders will produce quick results, but the process has a weakness built into it. This weakness comes from two areas; the false volume created by potential consumable volume rather than actual consumable volume. And also from the protections built into the Arbonne compensation plan.

Your Strength is your Weakness and Your Weakness is Your Strength:

One of the concepts that I drill into my players heads is “your strength is your weakness, and your weakness is your strength”. If I have a player who has all four athletic gifts; speed, quickness, power and strength, these gifts can have a negative impact on their performance. The reason is they will rely on these strengths rather than develop their techniques and skills. As a result they will eventually plateau out. But if I have a player who does not have great quickness they will compensate by working on their hitting technique. In addition to this adjustment they will work to understand what the pitcher’s tendencies are so they can get an advantage. And because they have to understand these tendencies and patterns to be successful they use these strategies in all aspects of their game. In the later example this results in a stronger player and it all began because of a weakness. In the former it results in a weaker player and it all began because of her strengths.

The strength of the Results Approach is the drop off of the kits that encourage use of the products so the customer sees the results and wants to buy. But this strength is also a weakness. This process is really a One-on-One approach which means you have to increase your appointments to get in front of the same number of people you would if you were to do the Group Presentation System.

Failure to increase the quantity will result in slower growth. However, the fact of this slower growth gets clouded by the potential consumable volume from the Results Kits. Because there is no distinction made between potential and actual consumable volume, it appears to be much easier and just as legitimate to build a network with a few business builders who purchase Results Kits than it is to see enough people through One-on-Ones to get the same consumable volume. So there is a natural tendency for networks that are doing the Results Approach to compensate by gravitating towards large orders. So the strength of the Results Approach is also its weakness.

Impact to Compensation When Volume Passes Out of Pay Range:

We have witnessed teams who have used the Results Approach to build a network from the ground up. As they did this they never made a distinction between potential and actual consumable volume. The following is how this played out. To make this easier to understand the calculations are a perfect scenario. This rarely occurs in the real world but makes the math simpler and thus easier to understand.

You join Arbonne as a Consultant and begin the Results Approach. You look for four business builders and find them in the first month. You train your team to do the same. Here is what your network will look like as it evolves over the next few months.

Get Four Business Builders:……………………. 4 X $2,500  =       $10,000 (Level #1)
They Each Get Four Business Builders:……. 16 X $2,500  =       $40,000 (Level #2)
They Each Get Four Business Builders:……. 64 X $2,500  =    $160,000 (Level #3)
They Each Get Four Business Builders:….. 256 X $2,500  =    $640,000 (Level #4)

Now to be clear, the above is a perfect scenario and the odds of it working this way are almost impossible. But I am doing this to keep the calculations simple so that you can see what happens as this system plays out.

In the Arbonne Policies and Procedures the Compensation plan lays out how a Consultant is paid on the volume in her network. A Consultant can get paid up to three levels deep on the volume in her District, Area and Region. He/she can get paid up to six levels deep on volume in her Nation.

In the Results Approach Training it is emphasized that a Consultant needs to get four (4), who each get four (16), who each get four (64), ad infinitum. As each generation is added it also adds a level of depth in the network. As this scenario plays out the business builders will pass out of the top Consultant’s pay range and as they do there will be a corresponding draw back in compensation even though volume in the network is growing.

  • 1st Month 4% on $10,000*65% = $260 (paid as Consultant)
  • 2nd Month 8% on 40,000*65% = $2,080 (paid as District Manager)
  • 3rd Month 14% on $160,000*65% = $3,120 (paid as Area Manager)
  • 4th Month 18% on $640,000*65% = $3,120 (paid as Region)
  • 5th Month 18% on $640,000*65% = $4,160 (paid as Nation)
  • 6th Month 18% on $640,000*65% = $4,160 (paid as Nation)
  • 7th Month 18% on $640,000*65% = $0 (paid as Nation)

As the volume in the network passes down a level each month, when it gets to the fourth month it passes out of your DM/AM/RVP pay range.

And once the volume gets to the seventh level it passes out of your NVP pay range. (It could pass out of the pay range on the fourth month but for the above calculations we used the maximum possible pay depth of six with the seventh month being out of the compensation pay range.)

I have spoken with numerous Consultants who built their network with large orders, got to RVP or NVP in 6 months to a year and then a year later their override checks drop back to what an Area Manager earns who is doing Group Presentations.  Now it is true that there will be volume filling in behind this volume as Consultants continue to work the business so the check does not drop all the way to zero. But unlike the Group Presentation System where the volume is 100% from consumable volume and all of it can be possible residual income, the Results Approach can have a more severe impact on the compensation. The reason for this is the results approach focuses on business builders with large orders causing the network to stack quicker; and because there is a 50% to 80% failure rate, the risk of a down turn is greater. The combination of the flame out (where a Consultant who paid the $2,500 cannot get anyone else to signup under them for $2,500 and cannot move her kits) and the volume passing out of pay range is dramatic and devastating to a network. The combination of these two as a multiple within a network that has exponential growth will in turn create an exponential down turn when they activate.

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