Even with all this data there is still a fact that some of the fastest growing networks are utilizing the Results Approach. In Arbonne it is referred to as the “Fast Track” system. But why is it “Fast Track”? What makes it “Fast Track”? And more importantly, does it last?

Results Approach Fast Track Volume Built on Failure:

The “Fast Track” cannot be caused by the efficiency of the Results Approach System. After all it is a One-on-One system so it takes more time to get in front of the same quantity of people as compared to the Group Presentation System.

So what is it about the Results Approach System that allows it to generate greater volume and do so faster? Our research indicates those networks that used the Results Approach without large upfront orders grew at or below those that used a Group Presentation System. On the other hand those networks that used the Results Approach with large upfront orders at first grew faster, then plateaued out and then declined. A comparison of a Group Presentation network and a Results Approach network reveals the cause of this.

Let’s say Consultant “A” builds her network with Group Presentations or One-on-Ones and sponsors Consultant “B”. Then Consultant “B” sponsors four others. Then after booking and holding presentations they all decide to quit (and 50 to 80% will). The only volume generated was from the Group Presentation sales. Consultant “B” and her friends probably have no inventory except their personal order. They were not successful so Consultant “A” did not get paid on them or was only compensated for the amount of success they achieved.

But if Consultant “A” builds her network with the Results Approach and sponsors Consultant “B” and Consultant “B” sponsors four others all with a $2,500 upfront order, and then they all decide to quit, there is a total of $12,500 of potential volume in Consultant “A’s” network on which she will be paid. So in this case the up-line Consultant was paid before she made the new Consultants successful. In fact she was paid even though the new Consultant failed. I call this type of revenue that comes from the upfront orders of Consultants that fail, “failure volume”.

Failure Volume and The Fast Track:

Now when we take this “Failure Volume” in the Results Approach and add it across a network, and then we compare this to a Group Presentation Network that has no “Failure Volume”, the amount of the difference results in the “Fast Track” volume. So it is not the Results Approach’s ability to produce more sales volume that makes it “Fast Track”. Rather it is the upfront volume from the 50% to 80% who fail and stop doing the business that is responsible for the “fast track” volume. Because unlike the Group Presentation System, in the Result Approach System, the upline Consultant will get paid immediately on the large upfront orders of Results Kits whether or not these Kits are moved from potential to actual consumable volume.

Let me repeat that; it is not the efficiency of the Results Approach that is generating the greater volume, it is the up front volume paid by the 50% to 80% of the Consultants who will stop doing the business but have already paid into the system. The Results Approach is “Fast Track” because of the “Failure Volume”.

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