The Balloon Effect Defined:

On numerous occasions I have had discussions with an RVP or NVP who decided to change from One-on-One, Party or Group Presentation System to the Results Approach System. When I ask if it worked they will say something like, “We saw an immediate impact on our numbers up and down the network. Those who were close to qualifying for the next level finally got there. It was amazing.” When I ask, “How much of the volume was potential (from Results Kits) and how much was actual,” there is a blank look or a question as to what I mean. This is evidence that this person did not understand the balloon effect of Results Kits on an existing network.

Calculating the Balloon Effect on Existing Network:

What is the Balloon Effect? Say we have an RVP who has three Area Managers who each have three District Managers. One Area Manager is doing $30,000 another $25,000 and the third $20,000 each month. This RVP also has three District Managers direct to her. One is doing $8,000 another $6,000 and the third $4,000 each month. Adding in the volume from her central district we get a total monthly volume of $120,000. The network would look something like this.RVP Network Tree In this network there are three AM’s and 9 DM’s under them and three DM’s direct to the RVP for a total of 15 business builders. Now let’s make a conservative assumption that each of these business builders has on average one business builder at the Consultant level. That would give this network a total of 30 active business builders. This RVP decides her team is going to do the Results Approach, so all the Business Builders do $2,500 purchase of Results Kits. That’s $2,500 times 30 or $75,000 dollars of an increase to the previous month’s volume. This pushes the RVP’s volume from $120,000 to $195,000 in one month and into qualification for NVP.  Observing this the RVP believes the Results Approach works. But this is not correct. You see the entire $75,000 generated from Results Kits is all “potential consumable volume” not “actual consumable volume”. Whatever portion of the Results Kits do not get converted into actual consumable volume, will cause the RVP’s volume to drop by that amount the following month or at some point.

Down Turn of Balloon Effect Impacts Residual Income:

In addition to the down turn from the potential Results Kits that were not moved, there is another impact. Not only will her volume drop by the portion of volume that remains potential, but the potential volume will have to be consumed before residual income will kick back in. So it has a negative impact on volume and residual income for an extended period of time. The combination of these two is what I call the "Balloon Effect". The purchase of the Kit’s by existing Business Builders balloons the volume and in some cases pushes the Consultant to the next management level. But whatever the amount of potential consumable volume that is not converted to actual consumable volume will have to flush out of the system. It is true that the potential volume in these Results Kits could be converted to actual consumable volume. But the only way to do this is to book appointments, which, it has been proven, can be done without the Results Kits. Some Consultants believe what I have described will not happen to them. They will keep the string going. Well that may be so, but even when you keep the string going, if you do not convert the Results Kits from potential consumable volume to actual consumable volume you will still lose because of the protections built into the Arbonne Compensation Plan. We will deal with that next in “The Mathematics of Weakness”. All posts regarding the Arbonne Results Approach Analysis © copyright 2009 VoiceWind & Greg Loveless

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