Results Approach Creates Two Types of Volume:

The Results Approach System, unlike the Group Presentation and One-on-One Systems, generates not one, but two types of volume that show up in the Retail Volume total in Arbonne Web Stats.

  1. Consumable Retail Volume: This is standard consumable retail volume from Consultants or Preferred Clients who purchase products they will consume. This is “actual consumable volume”.
  2. Results Kits Volume: This is any retail volume that comes from Results Kits or Business Building Kits that have yet to be purchased by a customer.  This is “potential consumable volume”.

Actual Consumable Volume:

In the Group Presentation System let’s say a Consultant starts her business and does ten group presentations in that first month. She averages $500 per presentation for a total of $5,000 in retail volume. She does the same thing the second month, and the third month and so on.

As stated in the Arbonne Opportunity and Results Presentations, according to Dr. Charles King, one of the keys to a successful business is a consumable product. Why? – Because as customers consume the product they will come back and reorder. The volume of these reorders grows as a Consultant consistently adds new customers to the network each month.

The following graph shows how a consumable product can increase retail volume through residual orders.

Residual Income Graph

In the above graph the green bars represent $2,500 in new sales each month. The gold represents reorder compounding on a quarterly basis.  In April, those who ordered in January come back and reorder. In July, those who ordered in January and April come back and reorder.

Potential Consumable Volume:

Results Kits Volume: This is any retail volume that comes from Results Kits or Business Building Kits that have yet to be purchased by a customer.

It needs to be understood that any volume from Results Kits purchased to be dropped off cannot be counted as “Consumable Retail Volume” at the time of purchase. It can only be counted as “Consumable” when it is purchased by a customer for use. Why? – Because as long as that product is a Results Kit it is not being used by a person who will consume the product and then reorder. So until the volume from the Results Kits is converted to consumable volume it is possible that this volume is a one time event. If it is, then there will be no reorder and no residual income.

So the “potential consumable volume” in the Results Approach does not meet Dr. Charles King’s definition of consumable volume that will cause reorders. Even though Dr. Charles King is quoted in the Results Approach with the implication that this approach meets his standard, in fact it does not.

We cannot lose sight of the importance of this distinction and the impact this has on the Standard Group Presentation System of Success. It may seem insignificant but just as a network grows exponentially so also does the volume from Results Kits.

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