The Debate:

There is much debate within Arbonne as to the legitimacy and effectiveness of using the Results Approach to build a successful and sustainable Arbonne business. We understand this debate because Linda has Consultants in her successline who do Group Presentations, One-on-Ones and Result Approach. This is based on statistical analysis and from actual historical data within my wife’s, Linda Loveless’ Webstats. However, to be completely honest, there have been some in Linda’s and other success lines who have been negatively impacted by the Results Approach. In our research we have found there are two main reasons for this.

  1. In some cases the Consultant did not understand how the Results Approach was impacting their numbers.
  2. They were not doing the Results Approach System correctly.
  3. They did not understand the weaknesses of the Results Approach.

As a speaker and trainer I teach that long term success is always built around a system of success. As a coach for nearly 30 years I use systems to teach players and teams to perform successfully. These systems are implemented, tested in battle, and then adjusted to improve them.  Through this process they are perfected over many years. As a result, before we made any adjustments to our “Systems of Success” we would analyze how this change would impact the entire system. In some cases no matter how appealing the change(s) appeared to be, analysis revealed the change would be detrimental to the overall performance of the system of success so the changes were not implemented. The same holds true with the Results Approach. One needs to understand what changes when the Results Approach is implemented and how this impacts all aspects of the business.

Two Proven Systems of Success:

During the early days of Arbonne there were two systems that were proven to build a successful Arbonne business:

  1. Parties or what is also referred to as Group Presentations.
  2. One-On-Ones (this is really a group presentation done one person at a time)
  3. A Consultant can get in front of multiple individuals in one presentation increasing the number of new exposures.
  4. Because these group presentations are booked through another person the Consultant is gaining access to a new warm market.
  5. Most, if not all of the purchases at these events are personal orders that will be consumed. This results in reorders which is also termed Residual Income.
  6. The One-On-One System is really a Group Presentation, one person at a time. So to make it effective a Consultant has to increase the number of One-On-One appointments to equal the head count quantity that is accomplished by having 6, 8, 10 or 12 parties a month. (My wife Linda built her Arbonne business through One-On-Ones. She owned and operated a Design/Alterations business and when clients came over for a fitting she would share Arbonne with them.  Through this process she made sales and found business builders.)
  7. In both the Group Presentation System and the One-On-One System there are new Consultants or Preferred Clients continually added to the Network. As the quantity of customers in a network increases over time residual income also increases as these customers reorder.

Advantages of the Results Approach:

  1. The customer is given the product to use so they can see the Results. (Do not make the assumption that handing a person a Results Kit will automatically result in them using the product. By marking the Results Kits we could determine if they pushed the pump and we were surprised at how often people said they used the product or the product broke them out only to discover that they had not pushed a single pump. We are currently doing research to determine what the “rate-of-use” is when using the Results  Kit as opposed to a presentation or a sample pack.)
  2. It focuses on basically one product which is a definite advantage. The customer only has to consider that product and is not overwhelmed with an entire catalogue of products. And any time a customer is overwhelmed they are essentially confused and a confused mind always says NO!

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