Potential Volume Creates False Volume:

The advantage of the Group Presentation System is if you have a business builder quit, their up-line will still continue to get volume from those customers that were brought in because as they consume the product they will come back and reorder. But in the Results Approach if a business builder quits after placing the $2,500 order, but before they moved the Kits, there are no consumers to reorder. Consequently, all this volume is what I call “false volume” in the network. It is not consumable volume and thus it was technically a one time purchase.

On the other hand, we found that those Success lines where there was a balance of volume from Results Kits (and let’s make clear these are Results Kits without large orders) and regular orders from customers who were consuming the product, the failure rate was far lower. And in those lines where the Results approach was not used at all the failure rate was even lower still.

Knowing this, what does it mean for the “potential volume” in the Results approach? If we are honest and accept that some failure will occur then we have to acknowledge that there is always a risk that a certain percentage of the volume from Results Approach Business Builder Kits (from 50% to 80%) will never be converted from “potential consumable volume” into “actual consumable volume” and thus into residual income.

False Volume’s Negative Impact on a Network:

Here is how this plays out in a network:

  1. As the volume from Results Kits increases there will be a corresponding increase in “potential consumable volume” in the network.
  2. As the “potential volume” in the network increases, so does the risk this potential consumable volume will never be converted to actual consumable volume.
  3. If there is no consumable volume to replace this potential volume, then the percentage of volume in your network that was generated through Results Kits is the amount of the down turn that will occur in your business.
  4. The greater the ratio of Results Kits volume is to the total network volume, the greater the risk of a down turn and the larger this dollar amount will be.

So the more Consultants you have who use the Results Approach System, the higher the potential consumable volume there is in your network. And any of this potential volume that is not converted to actual volume is false volume. And the higher the false volume is in your network, the greater the down turn will be and the more difficult it will be to overcome. And in some cases, as history has proven, nearly impossible to overcome.

Converting Potential Volume to Actual Consumable Volume:

There are only two ways to move Results Kit volume from Potential to Actual.

  1. The first is the Consultant who purchased the Result Kit receives a check for that Results Kit. At that point in time that portion of the volume moves from potential volume into actual consumable volume.
  2. The second way is when a replacement kit is purchased to cover the original  results kit.

Here is the tricky part. In Item #1 above, since this transaction occurs off the Arbonne books, there is no way to know from the Web Stats that they received a check for one of the kits they had ordered in a previous order. So there is no way to know that this potential volume has been converted to actual consumable volume. And as for Item #2; the only way to know that this occurred is by researching what each person in a network ordered and keep a running total from month to month. And who does that?

Why is it important to make the distinction between potential consumable volume and actual consumable volume and what portion of this is not converted? Because, in Web Stat history we can see the detrimental effects “potential” business builder kit volume has had on Linda’s network. Time after time we see those who came into the business through the Result Approach, and often with large orders, only to have this process flame out.

Increase of Potential Volume Amplifies System Failure:

The potential for failure when the Results Approach is implemented is amplified by the fact that the Results Approach is advertised as the Business Building System of choice when a Consultant does not have time, or does not want to do parties. But just as when a Consultant does One-on-Ones rather than Group Presentations, they have to increase the quantity of appointments to get in front of the same amount of clients as they would with the Group Presentation System.  The same holds true for the Results Approach. A Consultant using the Results Approach is basically building the actual consumable volume in their network one person at a time so they will have to increase their activity to make up this difference.

But we found many did not increase the number of appointments to compensate for this disparity. Rather the size of the order is increased to compensate for this divergence. And this is most often done with business builder Results Approach Kits which are only “potential consumable volume” not actual. As the size and quantity of the Results Kits Orders increases there is a corresponding increase in risk of failure. In fact it is magnified several times over in these networks.

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