The Background of the Author, the Data & the Analysis:

Greg Loveless is the Husband of Linda Loveless, Executive National Vice President and Arbonne Independent Consultant.

Linda owned and operated a design dress making business when in 1996 she started her Arbonne Business on a part time basis. Linda’s sponsor, Kim Hoffman, shared a sample pack with Linda. Linda fell in love with the product, shared the product with others or others asked what she was using. From this she started to receive what she calls “Thank you checks” from Arbonne. The biggest impact came in the form of Bonuses from RSVP (Right Start Value Packs). In fact Linda was asked to speak at an Arbonne Training Conference because she was number three in the entire company sponsoring people into Arbonne with an RSPV.

Linda built her business with One-on-Ones and sample packs. Over time she found business builders and through this duplication process she built a six figure income. Linda has over 100 NVP’s and RVP’s in her downline. Through a business tool provided by Arbonne to all Consultants called WebStats, Linda can see the activity of those in her downline. By analyzing this information we can see:

  1. What those who have been successful did and are doing to be successful.
  2. What those who were successful but are no longer successful did and did not do.
  3. What those who were never successful did and did not do.

The analysis is based on the following data:

  1. WebStats
  2. Arbonne’s Policey and Procedures
  3. DSA web site (DSA or The Direct Selling Association is the governing body to which Arbonne is a member)
  4. Trainings on Arbonne's

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